How to choose and buy Winstrol injection cycle

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winstrol depot cycle

Stanozolol injection cycle is steroid. This means that at least 50% of it consists of carbohydrates (sometimes up to seventy), and up to thirty percent protein. Winstrol is taken for two main purposes:

1. Quick recovery after exercise

2     Weight gain

Despite the fact that there are so many carbohydrates in our food, they are not enough for those who play sports. Sometimes even those who eat food 4 times a day in large quantities can not get enough protein and carbohydrates for full development. A protein-carbohydrate mixture gives a double effect – protein helps muscle growth, carbohydrate helps to recover.

stanozolol injection cycle

Why stanozolol?

There are actually many reasons, but the ease with which you can use this steroid makes it a prime candidate. Unlike many other anabolic steroids, Stanozolol (strombafort, vin) does not aromatize. This means that you will not need to use aromatase inhibitors during your cycle, and you most likely will not need post-cycle (PCT) therapy. In fact, this is one of the only products that is as easy to use as effective, but only in the right doses and for the right cycle length.

Dosage of Stanozolol for beginners:

buy winstrol injectableThe average dose of Stanozolol during the drying cycle ranges from 25 mg to 50 mg per day. You can take Stanozolol in the form of tablets (it is supplied in 10 mg tablets or 20 mg capsules) or as a liquid for injection in various concentrations. Although some bodybuilders claim that they use more – but even up to 100 mg per day – is not recommended for beginners, as most athletes report significant joint pain and difficulty sleeping at this high dose. The average cycle length of Stanozolol is from 6 to 10 weeks, and you should never use this product for more than 12 weeks.

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How to choose and buy Winstrol injection cycle.

If you are going to buy Winstrol, then first look at the amount of sugar. It is desirable that its not too much. By the amount of sugar, many determine the quality of Stanozolol. The more sugar, the lower the quality.  In some Stanozolol injection cycle, the amount of sugar can reach 50%, which means that the effect will be zero.
Also very important is the protein content. If its is low (up to 15%), then you will gain weight, but not at the expense of muscles. Such Winstrol cycle is cheaper, but you cannot save on sports nutrition, as well as on health. There is another argument against buying Winstrol cheaper. Yes, there will be savings first, but then you have to spend a lot more time, money and nerves to get rid of excess weight, which will definitely appear after low-quality Winstrol depot

stanozolol injection cycle
Useful advice: The popularity of Winstrol has become a reason for countless imitations, and before you buy a drug, you need to carefully examine it. It helps to identify the fake that a genuine high-quality Winstrol Depot in oil is predisposed to precipitate if it has been in a calm state for some period. When examining an ampoule of real Winstrol, a sediment of a white color, dissolving with shaking, will be visible in its lower part with the naked eye. The cost of Winstrol cannot be very different from the market.

How to use Winstrol depot cycle

In the case of Winstrol, the dosage is much more important than in the case of Stanozolol. If you drink Winstrol more than necessary, it is very easy to gain excess weight. The amount of Winstrol cycle that you need depends on the weight and frequency of the meal.
Winstrol is usually stirred in water or juice, there are no special proportions – as everyone does, it tastes better. It is worth remembering that in Winstrol there is protein, which means that it is impossible to stir in boiling water.
Take about the same as any sports nutrition. The first time after breakfast, the second immediately after training.

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